3 Fabulous Furniture Flips!

I’ve always loved the way painted furniture looks and my motto is to just paint furniture to give it a little update! In this video, I show you 3 different pieces of furniture with 3 different types of paint. From drab to fab, baby!


I used an interior satin paint for this project. I used Benjamin Moore’s simply white and just used a brush with 3 coats. I actually did 6 of these for an entire dining set so it took me a bit but it was so worth it! The fabric was purchased at Joanne’s and I used a heavy-duty staple fun.
This project I actually did for a friend of mine. She wanted to get rid of this side table and I suggested she just paint it! I used a chalk paint on it because it’s so thick that you don’t have to sand. It took 2 coats and then I roughed up the edges with a little bit of sand paper. Viola!
I got this headboard for free from a friend who listed it on a garage sale site. I used a chalk spray paint and I absolutely love the way it came out! It took two coats and I did not need to sand!

Published by Alexis Burrows

Alexis Burrows- Tucson Realtor

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