Valentine Decor- Fireplace, Grand Piano, and Formal Living Room

When searching for that perfect family home to purchase in 2012, back when I was pregnant with my first born, I had a list of things I knew for sure that I desired in a home. Given that I had already been a home owner for 7 years, my list was not short. I was blessed and fortunate to have practically inherited a gorgeous 1903 Steinway O Grand Piano back in 2009 and I knew I needed a formal living room to house it in, separate from the “family” living space. Back before televisions and record players were invented, living room furniture was surrounded by the piano, the main source of entertainment from probably 1750-1900. A fireplace was also on my list because it just reminds me of homes that people lived in during that time period, before modern heating. I guess you can say I am an old soul. My piano is one of my most valued assets and I am very proud to say I own a Steinway grand piano. It only makes sense to dress her up a bit 🙂

Published by Alexis Burrows

Alexis Burrows- Tucson Realtor

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